Safeguarding the Value-added Indigenous Breakfast-rice Cultivars of Assam with Breeding Perspectives, and Exploring the Exploitation Avenues for Promoting Assamese Cuisine ‘Jalpaan’
  • Survey - Surveillance of Breakfast Rice Cultivars
  • Farmers’ Participatory Breeding to identify superior cultivars
  • Productive Cultivation Campaign
  • Liaison with manufacturers to create market avenues
Popularization of Astronomy through Mobile Planetarium (Taramanadal)
The oldest branch of science, the Astronomy and Astrophysics was at the helm of evolving a spirit of science and logical thinking in human minds since the early part of human evolution. The subject of Astronomy and Astrophysics could still be a vehicle to inculcate and propagate the spirit of science among school goers, as the laboratory of this science is readily and universally available in front of everyone free of cost. Observing the fascinating star-studded sky, movement of stars, planets and constellations can impart knowledge of the scientific spirit on one hand and joy of learning on the other.