Recently Completed Project
* Mobile Planetarium
  The oldest branch of science, the Astronomy and Astrophysics was at the helm of evolving a spirit of science and logical thinking in human minds since the early part of human evolution. The subject of Astronomy and Astrophysics could still be a vehicle to inculcate and propagate the spirit of science among school goers, as the laboratory of this science is readily and universally available in front of everyone free of cost. Observing the fascinating star-studded sky, movement of stars, planets and constellations can impart knowledge of the scientific spirit on one hand and joy of learning on the other.
* Training on Map learning for the schools of Nagaon, Morigaon, Udalguri, Karbi-Anglong, Sonitpur, Goalpara, Bogaigaon and Barpeta
  The issues of popularization of uses of map in day-to-day life and capacity building of different cross section of people were raised by SSEAEP long back. It was felt as necessity of the time by observing the formal curricular transaction particularly at secondary level of education in the state. Initially such exercises were introduced as part of activity in nature camp with activities observation of physical environmental in map, comparison of temporal environmental changes through map and field observation and comparison in map etc.
* Capacity building on manufacturing diversified products from locally available materials for women entrepreneurs
  There are many locally available natural resources particularly of floral origin. Some of these create trouble when their amounts are increased at large, but there are ways to utilise them as basic raw materials for diversified products. On the other hand there is a divsersified product of jute, a agricultural cash crop which has tremendous potential. So, this programme is designed to introduce the concept to the woman who are interested to start their entrepreneurial venture as self-help groups or in any other form.
* Awareness and sensitisation drive on Climate Change Adaptations
  Climate change is perhaps one of the most important global environmental challenges being faced by the humanity today because of its implication on food production system, natural eco-systems, fresh water supply, health and weather related calamities. The North East region of India including Assam is considered highly prone to adverse consequences of climate change because of its sensitive geo-ecological setup, strategic location with international boundary, presence of the Eastern Himalayan ranges, transboundary river systems, inhabitation of ecosystem by people of different ethnic groups and inherent socio-economic differences.
* Mobile Renewable Energy drive in Assam
  Energy is a critical input to economy and society. Use of energy to large extent determines the trend of development. In the present day context unsustainable consumption of energy in resources and irrational use of fossil fuel creates acute energy crisis and environmental disorder, mainly global warming resulting in climate change. In this context global priority of use of energy is changing and paradigm is shifting from traditional energy sources to renewable ones. On the other hand information about such sources and associated technologies are not well known to common people. To address this issue a mobile energy awareness and demonstration drive was coordinated by SSEAEP Nagaon, which was assigned by Assam Energy Development Agency (AEDA), Guwahati.
* Rural Science Exhibition in Karbi-Anglong and Nagaon
  The Society for Socio-Economic awreness and Environment Protection (SSEAEP), Nagaon organized two Rural Science exhibition of 4 days each in Karbi-Anglong and Nagaon district of Assam targeting the students, teachers, public & S.H.G with the support of NCSTC, Department of Science & Technology, New Delhi. Through this exhibition an attempt was made to disseminate the new development of Science and Technology among the masses through different mode of activities. At the same time effort was also made to create awareness on science and developing scientific temparement among the target group. Major areas address through this programme was science education, S&T for Natural Resource Management, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, Rural enterprises mainly.   
* Mother’s Group Training on Right to Education in the districts of Karbi Anglong, Dima Hasao , Cachar, Karimganj and Hailakandi
  The programme of mother group’s members of the school of elementary level was conceptualized by the AMSS and SSA and entrusted us (SSEAEP) to conduct the programme in district of Barak Valley and Hill district of the state. To implement the programme a module was designed by the AMSS with consultation with SSA and partner NGO’s to be involved in the implementation of the programme at district and cluster level. As per the define modalities responsibility entrusted to us was selection of Key Resource Person from the respective district, Resource Person (RP) for the respective district, conducting the training at cluster level and monitoring.