• Popularize science and technology
  • Environmental Protection and Bio-diversity Conservation
  • Educational innovation
  • Science & Technology for Capacity building
  • S&T for Rural Development,
  • General health awareness,
  • Empower women in the field of S&T
  • Research and documentation
Society for Socio-economic Awareness & Environment Protection (SSEAEP)

Society for Socio-economic Awareness & Environment Protection (SSEAEP) was established on the 4th of July 1998. SSEAEP is a friend of environment and messenger of local environmental problems and mobilize masses for better understanding of Science & Technology. Educational intervention in the field of science through formal and non-formal approaches is one of the major focus areas of activity of the society.

Registration no: NG /254/C/149 of 1998-1999

Spring Challenge

SSEAEP undertaking an initiative for meaningful engagement of children of India through brainstorming and critical thinking exercise during lockdown period because of Covid19 pandemic through a programme entitled as “Spring Challenge”.

It is open for participation children of India

There 5 different phases of the challenge. Click on the links below for the challenge

For results of the Spring Challenge click here